Buying a property

Buying a property

Roti, Kapada aur Makaan (Food, Clothing, and Shelter) the basic needs of everyone. Everyone, from the poorest to the richest person dreams of owning a Home, the need-based facet of property buying, and the second facet is investments in real estate assets, the only asset which appreciates over the years and provides periodical returns by way […]

Financial Planning

Once the sale process is initiated the Seller starts getting sale proceedings in a few installments and he/she will receive the balance amount at the time of conveyance (sale deed registration). The Purchaser needs guidance on receiving monies and more importantly, needs an expert Financial Planner to make long-term planning for the sale proceeds receivable/received, […]

Capital Gains Tax

The windfall profit made out of the sale of the house property/plot of land, less the indexed value of purchase cost less allowable expenses made on the property is termed as Capital Gain and is taxed at 20% for long-term assets (which are held for 2 years above) and for short-term assets (which are held […]

Property Valuation

Although the Government announces market value, known as the guidance value, such value will be nowhere near the actual value of property put up for sale. Hence it is critical to avail services of a technical Valuer to arrive at the proper valuation of the property. Technical Valuation is a scientific way of arriving at […]

Updating of Documents

Many think that the title deed (sale deed/gift deed/partition deed, etc.) is the only document required to sell the property. But the fact is that all property-related documents, title deeds, prior deeds, link documents, all approvals (right from conversion orders to occupancy certificates), revenue documents (such as latest khata documents, tax paid receipts, etc.), nil […]

Why independent verification is critical?

It may be noted that many properties are sold on fake/fabricated documents and unfortunately, the real estate market is not regulated properly and many unqualified, unprofessional, and sometimes anti-social elements are working as intermediaries. Hence one needs to tread cautiously and hire the services of qualified professionals to ensure proper deals and a smooth sale/purchase […]

Real Estate Counseling

A Real Estate counseling session is a one-to-one participative session conducted by a trained Real Estate Counselor and spans between 60 and 90 minutes. At the end of the session, the client would have gained knowledge on how to properly plan and proceed with his real estate dealing, will have a check-list of documents, tips […]


Everyone wants to acquire Real Estate Assets, first for the need-based facet – ‘A Dream Home’ and for the second facet – lucrative ‘Investment’, the only asset, which appreciates over years and also offers periodical returns (lease rentals), which increases over the years, beating the inflation. But unfortunately, real estate dealings are complex, involving legal, […]

GPA/POA Drafting & Registration:

Power of Attorney (POA) or General Power of Attorney (GPA) is a legal document that allows oneperson to act on behalf of another person. In other words, a legal authorization provided to aperson, called an attorney and Agent or POA Holder, the power to act on behalf of another person,known as the principal or executant. […]

Khata Transfer

Khata (Urdu/Hindi Word), virtually means an account. Yes, Khata is an account of immovable property, maintained by a jurisdictional civic authority such as BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike), BDA (Bangalore Development Authority), Municipal Corporation/Council, or Grama Panchayat. Although Khata is not an ownership document (Title Document such as Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Release Deed, etc.), […]