Everyone wants to acquire Real Estate Assets, first for the need-based facet – ‘A Dream Home’ and for the second facet – lucrative ‘Investment’, the only asset, which appreciates over years and also offers periodical returns (lease rentals), which increases over the years, beating the inflation.

But unfortunately, real estate dealings are complex, involving legal, technical, financial, taxation, insurance, and other related matters of intricate nature, and as such everyone needs guidance from expert professionals who have good exposure in real estate dealings.

When you plan to ‘Purchase’ your Dream Home/Invest in immovable property, huge amounts are needed, most of the time lifetime savings needed to be pooled, and also you create long-time debt in the form of a home loan/loan against property. And, on the other hand, if you are planning to ‘Sell’ your real estate property, the process involved is not less arduous, as compared to the complexities involved in purchasing a property.

‘PropRite’ is a unique advisory service offered by PropSeva®, a unique collaboration of successful Mortgage Bankers, Property Advocates, Chartered Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, and Insurance Professionals.

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