Real Estate Services

‘Real Estate’ refers to immovable properties such as land and buildings. Real Estate Services include conducting due diligence on the legal title (ownership), documentation, requisite approvals from Govt. authorities, technical soundness, and arriving at the fair market value of a particular property, including financial planning for buying/selling.

Real estate dealings are complex, involving legal, technical, financial, taxation, insurance, and other related matters of intricate nature, and as such before buying/selling any property one need guidance from expert professionals who have good exposure in real estate dealings.


Real Estate Counseling - When you think of Property Dealing

“We’ve two ears but one mouth” – the basic tenets of counseling are religiously followed by our trained Counselors, so as to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and then to provide overall guidance on all matters covering the entire gamut of real estate dealings, be it general in nature, or complex matters such as legal, technical, financial, taxation, insurance related to properties.

PropRite B - Due Diligence on Buying a property

A large majority of people who purchase properties, either ink the deal relying on the promises made by the seller or on some recommendations from known people, or rely on the approvals by Banks. As a result, many times land in deep trouble such as disputes, Court cases, demolition threats, and sometimes even losing the property with the burden of continuing to repay the loan availed.
Hence it is critical to seek guidance from expert professionals who have good exposure in real estate dealings.

PropRite S – Due Diligence on Selling a property

A large majority of people think that selling a real estate asset is as easy as encashing a Fixed Deposit! After initiating the sale intent, he/she understands how illiquid is the investment, and that selling a property is not less arduous than purchasing a property.

Liasoning Services – Guidance on Obtaining Documents from Govt. Offices

The greatest headache in property dealings is obtaining updated documents from various Government authorities, without which the deal will not come through. To name a few of such documents, the Khata Certificate and Extract, EC (Encumbrance Certificate), Search Reports, RERA Registration, Tax Paid Receipts…the list goes on. Only a Liasoning expert can guide you.

Financial Planning – For Buying and Selling Properties

For a large majority, not only lifetime savings are pooled to acquire a property, but invariably they create a long-term debt, stretching up to earning years, by way of a home loan or a mortgage loan. The largest investment decision in one’s life naturally needs proper financial planning.
Financial planning is equally complex when it comes to selling a property. Only a qualified and seasoned CA (Chartered Accountant) or CFP (Certified Financial Planner) can do justice in the proper planning.

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