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About Real Estate

Real Estate dealings are complex in nature involving legal, technical and financial matters of intricate nature and as such, once it comes to purchase/sell/manage/mortgage real estate assets, one needs guidance from expert professionals who have good exposure in the real estate dealings.

From very simple tasks like paying property tax, property insurance, etc. to review of your housing loan to reduce interest cost, to the more rigorous process of conducting due diligence before purchasing/selling a property, we have the expertise and systems to simplify it for you to a great measure.


About Estate Planning

Many people are of the opinion that Estate Planning is an unpleasant and morbid subject. They are putting it off because they are “too busy,” or because they think they don’t own enough assets to plan for, or because they don’t like to think about death.

There is no doubt that Estate Planning can raise some difficult emotional issues. Unfortunately, ignoring these issues now may cost your family thousands or even millions of rupees later, as well as cause considerable anguish. An estate plan can put you in control of your legacy.


About PropSeva®

PropSeva®  offers comprehensive services to make it absolutely effortless for you to manage your property and inheritance of your assets.

PropSeva® is a unique collaboration of successful professionals with decades of experience such as Property Advocates, Paralegals, Mortgage Bankers, Chartered Engineers, Property Valuers, Property Insurance Professionals, Chartered Accountants, Certified Financial Planners and Estate Planners making this organization, a first of its kind.

Secure our services; liberate yourself from a plethora of property related issues and inheritance matters, and be rest assured that you will walk out with a prudent resolution!


PropSeva® team

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