Updating of Documents

Many think that the title deed (sale deed/gift deed/partition deed, etc.) is the only document required to sell the property. But the fact is that all property-related documents, title deeds, prior deeds, link documents, all approvals (right from conversion orders to occupancy certificates), revenue documents (such as latest khata documents, tax paid receipts, etc.), nil Encumbrance Certificates, Search Reports, etc. are mandatory documents, without which the registration of the sale deed will not go through and no Bank or lending institution will provide a home loan/mortgage loan to such properties. It may be noted that more than 90% of the purchasers need a home loan/mortgage loan to purchase properties. Since there are no standard checklists that suit different types of properties, it becomes very much necessary to take professional assistance from a Property Advocate/Mortgage Banker/Real Estate Professional to update the property documents, before deciding on the sale option. 

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