Title Verification

The foremost complexity is whether the Seller has the marketable title (right of ownership, in common man’s language) to the property and has legal competence to sell the property. Since titles to properties are evolved for long years (recorded in hundreds of pages) and transferred from one to another person several times, all such conveyances need to be verified by expert Property Advocates, which include verifying statutory approvals obtained (from conversion orders to occupancy certificates), checking the veracity of title documents, and to match with the records maintained at various revenue offices of the State Government.

Title Verification of the property basically covers in-depth legal scrutiny. The legal scrutiny report contains in-depth title flow verification from the origination of the title (minimum 30 years), Cross-checking linked documents, and Encumbrances on the Property intended to buy. Apart from the aforesaid checks, Legal Scrutiny covers the verification of various approvals obtained from the jurisdictional govt. authorities.

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