Home Loan Assistance

As a large majority of buyers need financial assistance before inking the deal on buying a particular property, one needs to ensure the loan amount that can be sanctioned.

Although banks and HFCs (Housing Finance Companies) offer financial assistance up to 80% of the purchase price, the loan amount that can be sanctioned depends on the repayment capacity of the applicants, which is calculated on declared income, other liabilities, dependents, etc., and also on the credit score of the applicants.

When a cash component is involved in the deal, which is not shown in the sale deed, the loan amount sanctioned could be much less than 80% of the total purchase cost. Over and above, it is almost impossible for the common man to understand the fine print of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. Hence it is very much essential to consult an independent mortgage banker and ensure a proper loan option that suits the buyer.

Since our Managing Director has exposure of more than 3 decades in the Home Loan Sector, and we are authorized by leading Banks to offer Home Loans, we can arrange for an ideal loan option with highly competitive interest rates and easy terms. We don’t charge any fee from our clients for this assistance.

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