Khata Transfer

Khata (Urdu/Hindi Word), virtually means an account. Yes, Khata is an account of immovable property, maintained by a jurisdictional civic authority such as BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike), BDA (Bangalore Development Authority), Municipal Corporation/Council, or Grama Panchayat. Although Khata is not an ownership document (Title Document such as Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Release Deed, etc.), it is the most important property document, only next to the Title Deed.

It may be noted that, under Section 114 of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 it is mandatory to apply for the Khata transfer within 90 days of the Sale Deed/ transfer of ownership through Gift, Family Partition, etc., or on the death of the Khatedar (Account Holder).

Types of Khatas:

At present, BBMP issued the following types of Khatas:

  1. ‘A’ Khata –
    • For regular properties having all required approvals as applicable, under the Government regulations BBMP issues ‘A’ Khata documents containing the Khata Endorsement (as and when the transfer of the Khata happens), Khata Certificate, and Khata Extract.
    • Khata Certificate: A document issued by BBMP in the form of a certificate asserting that a particular property’s tax records are in the name of the owner/khatedar.
    • Khata Extract: The Extract contains, the details of the property as recorded in the property assessment register. It includes details such as the owner’s/Khatedar’s name, identification of the property, Khata Number, PID (Property Identification Number), the extent of the property, such as the Sital Area, Built-Up Area, use of the property, valuation of the property, tax assessed etc.
  2. ‘B’ Khata:
    • ‘B’ Khata is issued to such properties which are irregular, unauthorized, developed/constructed in violation of government regulations applicable to properties. BBMP holds the right to collect taxes from such properties including constructions on revenue land, properties (land and buildings), falling in unauthorized layouts, etc.
    • ‘B’ Khata will be issued in the form of only an extract from the ‘B’ Property register maintained by the BBMP. There will be no Khata Certificate and PID No. allotted to the Property.
    • It may be noted that for ‘B’ Khata properties, BBMP will not approve any kind of development, including permission to construct any building on the property.
  3. BDA Khata
  4. CMC/TMC Khata
  5. Grama Panchayat Khata
    • For Regular Properties
    • For Irregular Properties
  6. E-Khata
  7. eSwathu / eAasthi

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