A Suresh

Executive Director

Suresh A is a qualified ‘Paralegal’ and ‘Estate Planner’. He is adept in the matters connected with inheritance, Succession Laws, and Business Succession Plans. He is one of the promoters and Executive Director of “PropSeva” and comes on board with over 30 years of experience of which the last 20 years is in the financial services sector. He is enthusiastic in reaching the public and creating awareness on the significance of “Estate Planning” for the seamless inheritance of one’s assets. He has conducted seminars in various Corporates, Financial Institutions, Social Clubs, Educational Institutions, the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, and professional bodies like the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Council of Financial Planners. He got hands-on exposure to various personal finance facets such as Estate Planning & Succession Planning, Investments, Insurance, Tax Planning, and Real Estate. He has assisted in the execution of a suitable plan for the inheritance of one’s assets, and also assisted in transmission of assets to the legal heirs, for more than 500 Indian families from India and abroad. His exposure to various complex situations with different families has enriched his skills in offering suitable advice in the inheritance of one’s wealth.


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